The Girl They Took

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Where her daughter had played Gretel in front of a cheering audience, only two faint stage lights remained. The theater was deserted and eerily silent; the only sound she could hear was her own heart, pounding in a frenzy against her chest. She rushed outside and stopped sharply at the top of the stairs, stunned, her blood turned to icicles. Darkness had fallen, thick and filled with ocean mist, lampposts like ghosts sprinkling yellow haloes in the sky. 

Paige was gone. They’d taken her little girl. 

The girl: taken

After eight-year-old Paige disappears without a trace, FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett is called to investigate one of the boldest kidnappings the bureau has seen. The girl was taken from a theater filled with witnesses, in the middle of a children’s play. And no one saw anything. 

Starting a frenzied search and following leads that seem to suggest a link to the girl’s father, the state district attorney, Tess is stunned to learn of a ransom call that points to an entirely different motive, old as time itself: money. 

The first twenty-four hours: critical

Frantic for answers and painfully aware of each passing moment, Tess has a choice to make: trust her instinct and follow the leads that seem to indicate an organized crime connection? Or give in to the demands of the parents and assist with the ransom payment? 

The odds of finding Paige alive drop with every passing second, and making the wrong choice would seal her fate. Her blood would be on her hands. 

1 review for The Girl They Took

  1. Julie Howard

    Oh wow, I enjoyed the book and just had to add it to my audio book collection because the queen of suspense is back with another gripping instalment in the Tees Winett, series. So glad I did because I enjoyed it even more, even though I knew the out come. Leslie is a very talented author that has the reader hooked from the very first page and this book was no exception, I also had no clue how the story was going to end. The tension built up nicely with every word. The story is told by multiple characters from Tess as she tries to find the kidnapped child, to the kidnappers as they try to work out how to retrieve there ransom money and from the grief stricken parents as they try to comply with the kidnappers demands and terms, all make for some great characters and an nail biting investigation.
    Tess is used to being called reckless and a lose cannon, so she is surprised when she is the lone FBI agent called in to investigate a child abduction case, especially as her background is in serial killer cases. The child’s father is the reason she is called in, as she has faced him many times across a court room. Now he needs her reckless behaviour to help find his missing daughter. The kidnapping was well planned but something about it is off and just what is the state district attorney not telling her? Can she meet the kidnappers demands and get his daughter back or is something else going on and will she and computer special analyst Donovan be able to uncover it in time? And before any body gets hurt?
    I love the narrator and am glad she is the narrator for this series, what a great team the author and narrator make. She puts so much emotion into an all ready emotionally charged book that you experience the book rather than listen to it.
    I was given this free review copy book at my request and have voluntarily left this review

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