The Gay Tongue God


The ancient Tongue Sex God calls to Gregory from the wild jungle, and Gregory can’t refuse. 

He drags Justin into the wild Guatemalan rain forest to search for the controversial Mayan deity. They trudge lost for many miles, with jaguars, howler monkeys, green snakes, and leaf-cutter ants. Gregory leads them to giant pods filled with large tongues ready to deliver infinite divine oral bliss. 

One tongue grabs Justin before he tries to help Gregory. Soon the tongue monster rips his clothes off and envelopes Justin within itself, invading Justin’s every body orifice, delivering orgasm after orgasm by massaging his prostate while also giving him oral sex. 

Gregory finds the divine Heavenly return to ecstasy he seeks. A tongue to give him total pleasure every second of his life. 

Warning: only for those people, gay or not, who enjoy the fantasy of overwhelming sex with a monster or tentacles or tongue.



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