The Gatekeeper

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When you put together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle it’s supposed to fit together with no spaces in between, forming a clear picture of what it represents. But when the pieces are shaken causing them to fall apart, you have what happened to our main character in The Gatekeeper: Fragmented, disassembled pieces of a puzzled mind without a clear picture of what it is supposed to represent. The story explores her decision to go into therapy, unlocking the truth of her past; discovering secrets her mind chooses to forget, secrets which shaped her vast and conflicting personalities. The novel is an insightful and sometimes humorous journey of self-preservation and actualization, where listeners are drawn closer to the truth in their own lives by gaining a better understanding of how their own experiences can be catalysts for their behavior. Our protagonist’s complex personalities take the listener through a literary odyssey to emerge with greater clarity and understanding of their own lives.


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