The Fury Queen’s Harem

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One cursed queen. Three dragons. And a formidable fae demigod. A reverse harem with a dark fairy tale twist and an epic flair! My name is Daisy. I’ve been cursed to serve a bad-tempered elemental in my beastly form for centuries.

There’s only one way to lift the curse: a kiss from three true loves. To garner even one is nearly impossible. How am I going to get three?

Then three gorgeous-as-sin, yet clueless dragon princes stumble into my lair. Only they do not come to kiss me. They come to slay me without knowing who I really am. Unless they cut the three heads of the Furies – my heads – or make the Fury Queen fall in love with them, they’ll never shift back to dragons.

Not surprisingly, the princes all choose what they think is the easiest – to behead the beasts.

4 reviews for The Fury Queen’s Harem

  1. Tami Craig

    The Fury Queen’s Harem by Meg Xuemei X is the first in a completed series. We get to meet Daisy, one very cursed princess. Then we get to meet her harem, a group of 3 cursed dragon princes.
    Curses abound in this story, and everyone has a different one.
    We have dragons, monsters, elves, vampires, demons and demigods just to name a few.
    If fantasy is what you are looking for, then this is the book to dive into.

  2. Amy Green

    Good but….

    This is a 3.5 for me. It was a good story but there was so much information thrown at you that if you blink you might miss something. I would say give it a try but this story is mixed with everything! Like fey that are Aliens, Witches Mating Archangels. Yes, all that and more! So if you want a story with a little bit of every paranormal creature this is the story for you.

  3. Thais Dematte

    This wasn’t the best RH I ever listened but also it wasn’t the worst. The story was the coolest of all, but it was poorly executed. I think the written didn’t appeal much to me, it was simplistic and “innocent” even though it’s definitely erotica. The s*x scenes wasn’t that steamy and erotic, I actually skimmed most of it. The three Male Lead was… Well kinda pathetic, but it made me want to protect them and like them, even though they weren’t very bright. The narration was good. I’m not a fan of female narrators since I came from MM books, but Melissa did a good job with the pacing and different voices. It didn’t distract me from the story and I enjoyed.

  4. Elise White

    Book 1 of 3

    Daisy is a very old cursed dragon princess trapped on a planet with vampires and wild beasts. 3 ships of people arrive from other planets to kill a furry beast not knowing its daisy not that they all are. 3 dragon princes arrive on the planet to break a curse placed on them. It turns out daisy and the 3 princes are liked in more ways then one. Very interesting read. Would definitely recommend.

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