The First Tome


Celestial warriors; cruel, fallen rulers; love’s immortal spell; the ancient artifact that will break the curse over them all. 

The hallowed mountain was unclimbed, dangerous, and forbidden – but Ross Blair was unyielding. 

Sacred laws and their consequences be damned; he would not be denied his conquest. Yet Ross was unaware of the long-forgotten reason why no one was allowed to step foot on the mountain. 

Having fallen and now trapped in a deep cavern, cut off from the outside world, Ross has no choice but to go deeper into the chasm. The journey leads to the bewildering and mysterious realm of Shuk – a realm in trouble. To find his way home, Ross must rely upon a company of strangers and an immortal being. A mythological female warrior, spirits, winged soldiers, realm warriors, and beacons of light – all come to Ross’ aid, but not necessarily to help him home. 

There is a prophecy concerning a foreigner who would come to reclaim an ancient artifact. The dark ones who rule over this hidden realm also know of this prophecy. As Ross now treads upon their domain, they will stop at nothing to ensure the prophecy remains unfulfilled. With a force of enslaved dragons and grotesque beasts, the stakes are high, and evil is unrelenting. 

If Ross can’t face his inner demons and find the courage to wield a sacred weapon, what will become of this mysterious realm?


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