The Enneagram Beginner’s Guide


Curious about the Enneagram, but don’t know where to start?

The Enneagram Beginner’s Guide is a concise starter book for utilizing the Enneagram of personality to find true authenticity and develop a better understanding of others around you. Inside, you will learn how the Enneagram works and uncover the process to determine your personality type. 

Due to its effectiveness in self-discovery, the popularity of the Enneagram of personality has grown in recent years. Through interpreting the structure of the Enneagram, this book shows you what it takes to become the healthy, confident, and effective person you were meant to be.

During my tenure as a couple’s therapist, I stumbled upon the Enneagram with the sole intention of helping my clients. However, as issues within my own marriage began to emerge, I decided to delve into the Enneagram for myself. After months of careful study and application, I was able to discover the intricacies of my authentic self and repair the fractured relationships in my own life. As I learned the Enneagram’s true power, I decided to write a book to make it easier for beginners to understand and speed up the process of applying its principles.

In this audiobook, you will discover:

  • A comprehensive overview of how the Enneagram works
  • How the Enneagram improves self-awareness and increases intelligence
  • The nine personality types and their distinct characteristics
  • Crucial strategies to accurately determine your type
  • How to improve your life and avoid self-destructive patterns
  • How to “awaken” your unique gifts
  • The best-kept secrets to improve your relationships by understanding others around you
  • And so much more!

With this guide, you will finally be able to peel back the mask you have worn for most of your life to reveal your truest and most authentic self.


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