The Eighth Day

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A warning from a stranger.

“Nothing you know is real. Your name isn’t Shawn Jaffe, you’re not an investment broker, and you’re not from Ohio.”

But the stranger is murdered before he can explain.

Now Shawn isn’t sure who he can trust.

Even his own memories are suspect.

Someone is watching him, controlling him, using him.

To survive, he’ll need to find out who and why.

But the stakes are much higher than one man.

Our humanity is on the line, and on the eighth day, it could be the beginning of the end.

If you enjoy Robert Ludlum or Philip K. Dick, this will be a rollercoaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

2 reviews for The Eighth Day

  1. Jennifer Fournier

    Generally speaking, I liked it. The plot was interesting, a few of the characters were intriguing. Unfortunately, I did not really like the “hard bitten detective” style of writing and narration. I think the writing and the narration were a good match in that sense BUT I think the concept was overdone for this plot line. I started noticing a TON of similes – so many I started to wonder if it was deliberately being overused as a comic device but no… in the end I think the author meant it. I jotted a few down and in about or less than 10 minutes, heard “a whisper like a muffled secret,” “sunset like gold of King Solomon’s mines,” “weeds poking through like the hands of a corpse,” “engine as silent as a funeral wake,” and “steam from a spout like a smoking gun.” It just keeps going …

  2. Jennifer Hanlon

    Intriguing. A new Jason Bourne with a whole lot of twists. Hard to stop listening to.

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