The Ecstatic Stock Market. A Map of Humanity’s Future.


Would you like to understand why today’s ecstatic stock market is behaving the way it is? David Rasmussen uses his three decades of experience in the Stock Market, and his comprehensive study of Chaos Theory, Math, Evolution, Game Theory, and Physics, to explain to you how today’s ecstatic and irrational market works. 

We are in the largest bubble of our lifetime. Mr. Rasmussen shows that the Nasdaq Tech Bubble, the 2007 Real Estate Bubble and the Current Bitcoin Bubble all reside inside a much larger one. A giant bubble that is unfolding in a very quantifiable and predictable manner.

The Ecstatic Stock Market is an absolute must listen if you are investing your money in stocks, cryptocurrencies or commodities. Preserve and grow your wealth by understanding why things are unfolding in the manner that they are.

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