The Drop

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It’s the last night of Electric Daisy Carnival. Rather than being excited, Tyler is less than thrilled. His two best girlfriends met guys during the previous nights of the carnival and now have arranged for everyone to hang out together, which means Tyler will be stuck with the other third wheel, a girl named Scarlett. At first, he’s attracted to her sweet nature and girl-next-door good looks. But when she touches him, his mind is filled with unsettling thoughts and memories that aren’t his own.

2 reviews for The Drop

  1. Karen Martin

    This is the third part to this series even though I have not read or listen to
    the parts before this one I had know trouble getting into it.
    The plot was good and the characters were interesting.
    But I would read or listen to the other parts before this one to get the true effect.
    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

  2. M Phelps

    This seems to be the final in the series. I won’t say too much so there can be some surprises but I am SO happy by the end of this. The only thing that could make it better is to have a bonus book or semi long epilogue to show these characters in the future to how things worked out for all of them. Jewel did the narration in this series as well as writing it and did an amazing job which is rare from my experiences with authors as narrators also. Highly recommend this series.

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