The Dragon’s Human

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It’s not unusual for Kai’s best friend and business partner to be a little hard to track down. Wolf shifters don’t always check email. But for Noah to drop off the grid for days? Something’s wrong.

Noah’s trail dead ends hard against Kai’s worst fear—a lab, a place of nightmares for creatures like him. As he prepares to walk in, he hopes like hell he’ll walk out again. With Noah. Preferably alive.

Lucy is thrilled with her dream job—head scientist at a private lab, with her pick of plum projects. But lately she suspects she’s surrounded by secrets. Sketchy meetings, people who arrive but don’t leave, even hidden passageways. One peek behind a forbidden door, and too late she remembers why she shouldn’t snoop.

Kai was ready for anything, but he never expected to meet the desperate eyes of the one thing he never thought he’d find: his mate. Worse, she’s not the only complication. There’s a lab full of them. And a secret that could threaten the freedom—even the lives—of every more-than-human on the planet.

3 reviews for The Dragon’s Human

  1. Keiri Cordwell

    This is the second book in the series and u really need to have read book one before this as it jumps into the continuing story too fast without really giving u enough background on characters and makes quite a few assumptions about previous knowledge but doesn’t refresh. Also feel it throws a lot of characters at u at once which can be overwhelming and find yourself skipping back to reaffirm who they are.
    I have actually read the first book which I really enjoyed but found this one to be very slow going at least for the first few chaptets it just didn’t grip me at all but once it got going was okay.
    If I hadn’t read the first book knowing how good it was im not sure i would of got past chapter 2.

  2. M Phelps

    This world still fascinates me and keeps me devoured this series. Kai and Lucy were a great mated insta story. We get to see more from Kirin and Talia and all the other characters. Something about this series has me downloading the 3rd book on my kindle as its not currently on audiobook. Now to read the 3rd about Conley. Heather and Jeffrey does an amazing job as always.

  3. Amy Green

    Fast pace

    The story was very fast pace. I also didn’t realize it was the second book in the series. So yeah.
    The male narrator voice remember me of the dude from dragnet and how he would finish sentences. It was funny at first but not so much but the end.

    Kai and Lucy were ok I didn’t feel the heat and the connection between the two. Their part was a little flat and not much romance.
    Since I didn’t read the first book I can’t say if the plot is moving a love or not. I’m also, not going to fault the author for what o didn’t understand this review is on this books.
    Without the connection and romance this story just didn’t do it for me. However, I want to see what happens withe everyone. I would suggest to the author to slow the pace down and give the leads time to really get to know each other.

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