The Doctor’s Mail Order Bride (Birch River Brides, Book 5)

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True love is not about loving despite the things that make us different— but because of them.

As the only doctor in Birch River, Nate Scott is trusted and known within the town.

But being seen foremost as a doctor doesn’t provide much opportunity to meet new people and form meaningful attachments.

And that is exactly what Nate hopes to change.

He decides to follow the example of his fellow townsfolk, and attempt to find happiness and love in an entirely unconventional way—by advertising for a mail-order bride!

Dr. Greta Williams is used to the unconventional.

As a female doctor in a world where superstition is common, Greta has had to fight against the ignorance of both strangers and her family in order to fulfill her dreams.

From being dubbed a witch doctor who practices voodoo to facing the disapproval of her parents—even after she has earned her degree and established a medical practice of her own, Greta knows that her only chance to be taken seriously will come from starting over someplace new. So, when she finds Nate’s advertisement for a mail-order bride, Greta is hopeful that she may have finally found that chance.

There is no denying the chemistry Nate and Greta share, but how will the residents of Birch River take to having a female doctor in town?

And how will the current doctor handle the new competition?

The Doctor’s Mail Order Bride is a charming story of opening up to love and accepting each other’s differences. Nate knows that he must learn to let go of his pride and accept the changes Greta brings to his life. But will Greta be willing to wait around until he’s ready?

2 reviews for The Doctor’s Mail Order Bride (Birch River Brides, Book 5)

  1. Misty

    Another great book in the Birch River series. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the characters in this book. The way each of them interacted was very believable. I liked the bit of mystery thrown into this book. The outcome of the mystery was not expected.

  2. Danny Harr

    This is another good book in this series. All these books has been good. I like the way she worked with the Indians. I recommend trying this book if you like this genre. Gina Dobbs did an excellent job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed.

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