The Director’s Cut

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Patricia is over 50, overweight, and in way over her head! It’s well known that working in movies can be cutthroat, but no one expected that to be taken literally. It’s party time on board the Aurelia! On the LA to Hawaii leg, a Hollywood film crew are shooting scenes for a new action movie and Barbie has been given a bit-part role. It’s all great fun and Patricia isn’t surprised when her cute, blonde friend attracts the attention of the handsome A-lister male lead. But when he is found murdered in the upper deck pool and the killer leaves a message saying Barbie is next, it falls to Patricia to work out who the killer is.
With her trusted butler, Jermaine, good friend, Barbie, and lame-duck Shane Sussmann, an odd-looking film extra she befriended, Patricia will have plenty of help as she unravels the truth. The prime suspect has an ironclad alibi though and there is definitely something going on with the film’s beautiful female lead. Will there be more bodies? Will the new deputy captain be of assistance this time? Will Jermaine be able to serve tea at four o’clock? (Standalone book but previous Patricia Fisher book “The Kidnapped Bride” also on this site!)

1 review for The Director’s Cut

  1. Julie Howard

    This was a fun listen and I really enjoyed the story. I like the main character but with all the snooping and antics she gets herself involved in, like wearing a skimpy maids uniform, I have a hard time picturing her being over fifty. Other than that I liked the plot for the story and had worked out who the killer was only for the author to throw in a twist that made me think again. I will be looking out for the next book in the series.
    A Hollywood film crew are on board the ship filming a new action film and Patricia is quite happy to sit back and watch the show. Especially as her friend Barbie has been casted in a minor role. The film grinds to a sudden halt when the leading man is found murdered and Barbie’s life is threatened. With a killer on board Patricia tries to stay out of it until someone booby traps Barbie’s gym locker and fears for her friends life. With Barbie safely tucked away under the capable and watchful eye of Jermaine, Patricia launches her own investigation into the film crew and with an inside man on her side she will stop at nothing to ensure her friend stays safe.
    The narrator was good. Being English I don’t always like it when people try to play the part of an English person, they normally sound to snobby but I thought Katherine Anderson did a good job.

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