The Deserter: The Legion Chronicles, Book 1

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Sergeant Davis had been in the US Marines for seven years when he stumbled into a knife fight outside the local bar. He ended up killing the wrong alien. Now, as a human who interfered with a galactic plot and killed a Confederation enforcer, his actions sentenced Earth to die. His only choice: desert the Corps and take the punishment on himself.

It seems like the Roswell aliens have been helping us all along. While the conspiracy theorists were right, there are alien lizards wearing people suits. The alien plan is to trick the Earth into breaking a law humanity knows nothing about so that they can sterilize the planet and take it for their own.

Join William Tell Davis, a Roswell alien, and a computer being called Marvin as they save Earth from a plot to destroy it, by creating a secret military force called the Legion.

1 review for The Deserter: The Legion Chronicles, Book 1

  1. RJ

    William “Tell” Davis, our hapless Marine encounters a fight behind the bar as he leaves. He assumes the bigger of the two combatants in the wrong and proceeds to first disarm, then, unfortunately, kill the larger fighter. He discovers that both fighters are aliens and that the larger of the two was a galactic police officer. Tell’s actions have sentenced the entirety of earth to elimination. An interesting and somewhat unique premise, yes? For all us “older folks” out there, you may recall a classic black and white movie called “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. A similar proposition formed the basis for that old film. One of my favorites. The story goes on to describe how Tell attempts to remove earth from the pickle he put it in. The series of plans that Tell comes up with is interesting and imaginative. The detail was a bit exhaustive at times. My only problem is the level of knowledge and intelligence that our Marine Sargeant achieves or has command of immediately. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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