The Desert of Loss


The journey continues for Rod Calaway, as he ventures further into the Desert of Loss. With the succubus dealt with and reunited with his friends, the hunter chooses the isolation of the Wasteland to lick his wounds and prepare himself for what is to come in the Dark City. Other forces, however, are moving pieces into play that will alter the course for Rod and his friends. The Dark One is no different and is working tirelessly to maneuver Rod into place. Can the hunter distinguish between his thoughts and motivations from the malevolent entity lying in wait within his mind?

Meanwhile, the childhood of the Brothers Grimm pushes on as Slade struggles with getting acclimated to his new position within the Three Fingers Gang. Fate intervenes and guides Slade down a path that leads to an ancient power. If he chooses to accept, it could unleash dire ramifications on the brothers and their future.


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