The DBT Anger Management Workbook


Unlock a proven path to anger management and master your emotions with this powerful DBT audiobook for personal growth.

Do you often find yourself struggling to control your frustration? Are you tired of blowing up at your friends, family, and co-workers? Or do you want to discover a new source of inner peace and tranquility? If so, then this audiobook is for you.

Jam-packed with practical exercises and worksheets, personal anecdotes, and deeply authentic advice, this comprehensive DBT audiobook seeks to empower listeners of all backgrounds to overcome anger, master their emotions, and unlock an inner source of zen and mindfulness. Whether you want to shut down negative emotions, identify your triggers before they make you explode, or defuse anger at its source, these actionable strategies empower you to express your emotions constructively– without having to resort to anger.

If you struggle to stay calm, or if you’re prone to freakouts or explosive outbursts, this audiobook sheds an illuminating light on the topic of anger management, providing a refreshing perspective that will empower you to begin–or continue–your journey to enjoying a less angry life.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Breaking down the fundamentals of DBT, and why this revolutionary therapy could be the key to overcoming anger.
  • The four foundations of dialectical behavior therapy for anger management.
  • Exploring the 10 different kinds of anger (which one do you suffer from most?)
  • Essential anger worksheets to identify your triggers.
  • Real-life tools to help you defuse anger situations and stop yourself from blowing up.
  • Valuable exercises and worksheets for coping with anger and preventing rage-inducing scenarios before they begin.
  • Healthy and constructive ways to communicate your anger and develop your interpersonal communication skills.
  • A practical path to living a less angry life.

Are you ready to begin your journey to overcoming anger? Then download this audiobook today!


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