The Dark Wolf

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In this world of technology, one man will sacrifice everything, even himself, to save those he loves.

After swapping an iPad for a forbidden book of magick, Francesca and her brother Lucian have unwittingly drawn the attention of the magickal factions of mankind. Wizards, druids, and witches now seek the power of the children but have yet to learn who their father is.

An ancient enemy from a distant past and a legend best left forgotten, Daire must rise from the ashes of history in defense of his children.

A tale of love and betrayal and of good versus evil, for there can be no light without the dark. Step into the world of magick and the dreaded Dark Wolf.

1 review for The Dark Wolf

  1. Jerry Harkey

    This 1st book is more about “Dark” himself than his kids (who were highlighted in the “blurb”). It’s his story that started at the “beginning” of this world of magic after technology failed. It’s not easy to keep up with so pay attention as the past and present switch back and forth to bring this story its ending, and its new beginning. Very intriguing…

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