The Dark Side of Science

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The mind can hold powerful secrets.

When Dr. Jessica Paladon worked for her friend, Dr. Dean Devya, she helped create Nadia, one of the world’s few Minders. Tough circumstances drove her away from that life, and to protect the secrets, she willingly took a drug that induced amnesia.

But now she needs those memories.

Two children – her children – Nadia and Varick, are competing in a winners-take-all, losers-might-die competition for the biggest secret government contract out there. They’re fighting for the right to exist.

If Jessie can’t remember, how will she help them survive?


This book is a prequel to Ashlynn’s Dreams. It can be read as a standalone, but it’s much more fulfilling if you already know the characters by having heard Ashlynn’s Dreams.

1 review for The Dark Side of Science

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book. I have had this book in my library for a while but kept putting it off because I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to experiments being carried out on children and choose a lighter listen, one that wouldn’t make me cry- I cry at Disney films. I had nothing to worry about and Why on earth did I leave it so long? Nothing like that happened at all and In fact I really enjoyed it and found it fascinating. I liked the characters, even the scientists as they seemed to really care for the children. I did get a bit confused with all the characters and which child was on which team but I think it is a book you can listen to again and the second time I might follow along better. Science was along time ago for me but the author doesn’t bamboozle you with science in fact you start straight in with a gripping story.
    Jessica went to extraordinary lengths to keep her greatest success and her biggest mistake a secret. Now that decision has come back to haunt her. The one thing she greatly wanted to forget by taking an amnesia inducing drug is now the most important thing that she remembers, lives are at stake. The lives of her children. The government can only fund one project and so divisive a competition to find the best and the loser will be cut, permanently. The contestants are children aged between 4 and 10 but they are no ordinary children they have been enhanced. Can the doctor or the children find a way to help each other?
    I liked the narrator and thought he did a good job with all the voices whether old or young.

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