The Dark Sacrifice

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In this small town, keeping secrets is a matter of life or death….

East St. Louis deputy Patrick O’Shea is tired of living in the line of fire. So when he gets a chance to transfer to his wife’s small hometown, he doesn’t hesitate to load up the moving van. But his family’s bags are barely unpacked before their newfound peace and quiet shatters in a surge of demonic voices….

The deputy has faced his fair share of evil, but nothing quite like this. Normally the first into the fray, he worries they’ve unearthed a force not even his special training and inner-city experience can combat….

Can Patrick protect his family from supernatural foes, or will a festering evil consume the ones he loves most? 

The Dark Sacrifice is a haunting horror novel not for the faint of heart. If you like supernatural chills, family secrets, and ominous small-towns, then you’ll love Jay Bower’s spine-tingling tale. 

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