The Cure

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Filled with action, suspense, danger, magic, and a little bit of love, book two of The Tugurlan Chronicles, The Cure, picks up where book one, Vampire Iniquity, left off. 

Just when the slayers thought they could take some time to unwind and recover from their death defying battle against Dracula’s offspring, Dan’s cousin, Bruce, has an unexpected run in with werewolves and is wounded. Now, instead of the slayers searching for vampires, they’re searching for a cure for Bruce before he reaches the point of no return. 

While roaming the caverns of the Arizona mountains, Bruce meets Tatyana, a young woman running from vampires. Fortunately for him, she’s no stranger to the occult. It’s a bonus that she’s able to communicate telepathically! She joins in race in searching for the cure…. Will they get it in time?

2 reviews for The Cure

  1. Jennifer Hanlon

    Great book!
    Interesting concepts and a wonderful story of overcoming some outstanding obstacles.

  2. Jerry Harkey

    Book 2 starts the action off straight away after the Book 1 ending. Bruce, cousin to Dan takes on a larger role once turned to a werewolf early in the book. “The Cure” is for him. His attraction to Tatyana culminates as their love story begins and then threatened by a host of vampires. So bottom line, more action, romance, magic and mayhem with The Tugurlans and friends.

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