The Cosmos: The Symbol Situation

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The author places us in the middle of the cosmos right from the start. The story is futuristic but not necessarily true science fiction. It could be now! What dangers lurk in the cosmos? What dangers are from Earth? How mysterious is that unknown dark abyss of space? Look up. See yourself! Visualize your future; it could be sooner than you think. This story relates to you; your future. Feel yourself inside the character’s magnetic space boots and experience the cosmos…but be careful of the symbol situation.

“….This Captain, and gentlemen, is the nebula commonly referred to as the Medusa of the Universe. It has fingers and snake-looking things at the very top of it. Those squiggly things you can plainly see…are known as Vampire Stones. They group up. They swoop. They change directions on a whim. They are like locusts. They eat anything that gets in their way. They may include us in their diet….”

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