The Complete Artifact Reaper Saga


Hidden abilities, haunting memories, and one confused girl. 

I’m a reaper. Death should come naturally to me, but it doesn’t. And the abilities I am able to conjure are forbidden by my kind. My parents try to hide my abilities, but when the elders assign my first target, they order my parents to stay back. 

Now I’m on my own, with no one to protect me, no idea what I’m doing, and no control over the powers I’m supposed to keep hidden. 

I should have known this would blow up in my face. 

My family name is ruined, and I have to fix what I’ve ripped. I’m not sure I have what it takes. The fate of my entire kind is on my shoulders, and I’m the only one who can make things right. But if I mess up again, it won’t just be my family that I break – our entire world will be ruined. 

Tomb Raider meets Touched in The Artifact Reaper Saga, a paranormal listen for those who love a dark twist.


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