The Child (Superhuman Book 5)

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The energy coursing through them changed in form, as strong as it’d been, but different. It bound them together, driving him closer, until she could see the fine hairs dusting his chin.

Dagger lowered his hands to his sides. “By the authority of the church and in accordance with the state, I pronounce you husband and wife.” No sooner had he spoken than, in a wave of color, he faded from view.

Margot started, searching the space for him. “Who are you?” she asked again. But she added a second question this time. “Who am I?”

Stryke took his brother’s seat and leaned toward her. “I’m superhuman,” he said, “and you are my wife.”

Superhuman Stryke Dawkins has billions of dollars at his disposal. He can buy what he wants and go wherever he chooses without any struggle. Yet the poison beneath his skin has given him a solitary existence. It’s better to live alone than risk innocent lives.

Margot Fischer volunteered for a scientific study that promised her a child. Though the premise was strange, she has so much love to give and a wonderful example of parenting in the memory of her deceased mother. She can mold this young life placed in her hands and create a happy future for them both.

But when an attack on her unborn child’s life thrusts her and Stryke together, it seems the truth behind the baby’s conception links directly to the Dawkins brothers’ genetic history and a truth about the child’s existence that someone will stop at nothing to hide.


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