The Carpenter’s Mail Order Dilemma (Iron Creek Brides, Book 5)

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What would you give up for love?

For the most part, Geoffrey Drayton is content with his life in Iron Creek. Having thrown himself into work since the death of his wife, Geoffrey is now the most popular carpenter in town. But the life of a widower is a lonely and empty one. After watching so many of his friends find happiness with mail-order brides, Geoffrey decides it is time for him to take a chance—and advertises for a bride of his own. 

Soon he receives a reply from the vivacious Natalie Walters. Natalie is charming and fun, and Geoffrey quickly finds himself captivated by her letters. But there is a catch! Natalie wants him to leave Iron Creek to live with her in the city. Now, Geoffrey is faced with the choice of whether he should follow Natalie or stay in the town he loves—but is there anything worth staying for in Iron Creek?

Jeannie Porter has known Geoffrey Drayton for most of her life. She adored him when she was a girl and stuck by him through his tragic marriage—all the while keeping her feelings for him to herself. So, when Geoffrey suddenly brings home the lovely Miss Walters, Jeannie braces herself for another painful time of seeing Geoffrey fall in love with someone other than her. Because compared to the lively and beautiful Natalie Walters, what chance could Jeannie have of winning Geoffrey’s affection?

The Carpenter’s Mail Order Dilemma is a heartwarming story of secret love and following your heart. Will Geoffrey choose Natalie over everything he loves? And how will Jeannie bear it if he does?

3 reviews for The Carpenter’s Mail Order Dilemma (Iron Creek Brides, Book 5)

  1. Danny Harr

    This is book five in the Iron Creek Brides. Geoffrey can’t see the forest for the trees. He is a good carpenter but his wife has died. He goes looking for love in all the wrong places. listen to this book and see how things play out. I didn’t like Natalie. I liked Jeannie from the start. Jeannie was so kind and thoughtful. you find very few people like her. Gina Dobbs did an excellent job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review. Thank you.

  2. Dawn Mauritzen

    Loved the way this story was told. The storyline was good and the characters are interesting and come together beautifully. Looking for more in this series.

  3. Misty

    Another excellent book in the Iron Creek series. Karla Gracey gives the reader what they want. First, gotta love the series, and the number in the series is written on the front. Then listing the characters at the beginning of the book. This helps me at least keep people straight. Then Putting the date at the beginning of each chapter is awesome. You know the time frame you are dealing with. Then of course she writes fantastic characters. Then she writes a story you get invested in. Yep. This author is great and delivers a story that sets with you. Can’t wait for the next!

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