The Cadence Duet (Cadence Untouched and Cadence Defined)

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From Amazon best-selling author Dakota Willink, comes the complete Cadence duet, a second-chance romance that will leave you breathless!

One love. One destiny. But it only takes one person to bring the house of cards tumbling down.

Seventeen years ago, Fitz Quinn stole the heart of Cadence Riley. He took her innocence, then left her broken. When a twist of fate brings them back together again, she quickly learns even time couldn’t dim their chemistry. Fitz was sexier than ever – successful and provocative. He became the man she always knew he would be, and the heat between them quickly became unbearable. Despite the promise she made to herself, she felt the walls to her heart start to crumble and began to fall all over again. 

However, things aren’t the same as they once were. Cadence is the driving force behind a non-profit organization where she handles each case with the determination of a shark. Fitz is known as Washington’s fixer. He is the CEO for a public relations firm – one that represents the politicians who fight against everything Cadence stands for. What do they say about opposites attract? 

Finding themselves at a crossroads, Fitz needs to decide if going against his father is worth pursuing a second chance with Cadence. One wrong move…and his reputation could be obliterated. For Cadence, she needs to let go of her secrets and forgive Fitz for leaving her alone all those years ago. But more importantly, she needs to decide if sacrificing her values is worth being with the only man she has ever loved.  

This audiobook includes both books in the two-part story, Cadence Untouched and Cadence Defined.

4 reviews for The Cadence Duet (Cadence Untouched and Cadence Defined)

  1. Isha Coleman

    A love like Fitz and Cadence has proves itself to be bigger than these two mere mortals. Willink gives breathless it’s own zip code with Cadence Duet. She put her heart in each line and dragged my soul along for the ride. Webber and Laurel add emotion to a melody that gives voice to beauty as heartaching as it is inspiring. Young love takes on adult life and finds self- discovery along the way. Willink hit all the right notes.

  2. Maria Fernanda G Lechuga

    It was a really good book. The first one was really sweet with all the emotions that a first love brings, a summer love nonetheless.
    The second book was even better, Cadence and Fitz get a second chance this time and they will fight for their HEA.
    I truly love Fitz, he knows what he wants and is going to make sure he gets it.

    The narration by Lacy Laurel and Zachary Webber was amazing, they both bring the story to life with their amazing performance.

    Overall it was a really good book, of you like first young love, and second chance romance, this book is perfect.

  3. Mary Dean

    Are you ready for a story to consume you completely? That’s what this duet did. I am so glad these books were together because I don’t know if I could have waited to start Cadence Defined after Cadence Untouched was done. Cadence Untouched is the story of a girl meeting the boy that changes everything for her. But life isn’t fair and sometimes true love isn’t enough. Cadenced Defined is the story of that same girl now a woman with a 17 year old secret. Well that secret is about to be busted wide open when she sees the boy who is now a man again. They both have changed so much but their love hasn’t. It’s actually stronger. Secrets are revealed and hearts are broken. But it’s up to them to put them back together. This is also a story about standing up for what’s right. Standing up for your life. It has a major social activist theme and I loved it. Cadence and Fitz are everything a romance reader needs. Talk about an epic story! I loved every minute. I laughed with them, cried with them, got my heart broken with them, and fell head over heels with them. I can’t suggest this duet enough. And these narrators hit it out of the park! They were Cadence & Fitz! This was my first read from this author. If she made me feel this much with these books, I am looking forward to anything else she has written.

  4. Thais Dematte

    I don’t usually read YA, but this blurb caught my attention. I rolled my eyes a few times because both MCs were really immature, but I have to judge the book by it’s premise and for an YA, it was very very good. I liked the chemistry they had, the push and pull and they were so sweet together, opposites in every way. It was a inspiring and beautiful listen. I love Zachary Webber so it’s no news that I love his narration. Lacy Laurel did a great job too, I’m not keen of female narrators because they always sound whining, but her voice is pleasant and her pace is good.

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