The Broken Vow of Silence

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“I will pick up your pieces and put you back together. Piece by jagged piece, edge to rugged edge. And no matter how many times you cut me, I’ll love you and make you whole again.”

Ariel had a happy life—loving parents who were the alpha and luna of her pack, an annoying brother, and a hope that, one day, she would find her mate and be unconditionally loved. 

But one night, her world went up in flames, not only taking her family but also all happiness she once had. As the fire died down and as the house became nothing but ashes, she made a vow: a vow of silence. A vow that she held on to despite being relentlessly beaten by the new alpha, Alpha Morgan.

A once-happy life was now a bloody, pain-filled life with the broken bones she had to endure every day. Weeks turned to months and months to years as she endured the senseless abuse, but on that one fated day, everything changed. 

Alpha Shane Chase was filled with secrets and a fair share of skeletons in his closet. He had been looking for his mate for over a year, but when he finally found Ariel, he was heartbroken at how beaten and terrified she was of the world. Most of all, how scared she was of him. 

To make matters worse, when violent unexplainable things started happening in their lives, they were forced to make the ultimate sacrifice or die trying. 

Could Ariel learn to trust him even when his skeletons come to light? Could Shane pick up her pieces and put her back together even after secrets were revealed and they were put to the ultimate test? Or would life as they knew it fall apart around them?


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