The Box

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The box has been in Panea’s family for generations. Like the women before her, she has no idea what’s inside, just that she has sworn to protect it. When the box is accidentally destroyed in a fire, Panea learns the truth behind her oath and like the hope from Pandora’s box, Panea’s box gives her something of its own.

1 review for The Box

  1. Erica Freeman

    I loved this story. It really felt like the beginning of something epic, a sprawling tale of myths across worlds.

    Panea is a wonderful lead, she is brave standing up to bullies in her new school and kind when faced with a chimera she doesn’t want to hurt it but to find a way they can both get out of the situation alive.

    I really hope she gets a full series and we get to explore her magic and get to look more into the magic system within the context of the story. also the different mythical monsters she may encounter i wonder if they would all be from greek myth as with the chimera and pandora or if other world mythilogies will be drawn upon as well, only a deeper explorationof the world xould give us that so i look forward to news of more books in this vein. Panea certainly deserves an expansion on her story, and I really hope we get it.

    Kay Mack is a lovely narrator, giving a gentle strength to the character of Panea.

    The only thing that I don’t like about this book is the thumbnail/choice of cover art as it just doesn’t feel like it connects to the story much at all, the face being pulled is an odd choice and the box is badly photoshopped onto the hands not even sitting on them as if it’s being held. I also think that the swirls of what I can only guess are supposed to be magic around the face and the box should be purple, not blue, to match with the magic described in the story.

    I was given this audiobook for free and have left this review voluntarily.

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