The Blacksmith’s Mail Order Mistake (Birch River Brides #6 )


The right person can make all the difference in your life.

Logan Monson is satisfied with his life in Birch River.

His business as a blacksmith is thriving, and he has settled well into his home….

The only thing he is still missing is a family to share it all with.

As many around him find partners and love of their own, Logan decides to follow their example as well.

And so he places an advertisement for a mail-order bride.

When Logan first receives Amanda Gardner’s reply, he can’t believe his fortune.

Amanda seems perfect for him in every way, and Logan is quick to invite her to visit him in Birch River, as he begins to hope that he just might be that lucky—to find his perfect woman all by chance.

Cynthia Williams knows what it is to be unlucky in love.

Having found the man she loved kissing another woman, Cynthia left her old life behind her and moved to Birch River to help care for her nephew, Marcus.

While being close to her sister and Marcus welcomes joy into her life, when she meets Logan, the local blacksmith, their friendship helps rekindle her faith in love.

Cynthia only hopes that for Logan, Amanda’s arrival won’t end in disappointment like her last experience with love did.

The Blacksmith’s Mail Order Mistake is a heart-warming story of love and second chances. Will Amanda’s arrival to Birch River be all Logan hopes for? And what will her arrival mean for his friendship with Cynthia?


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