The Black Tree


Centuries ago, the seeds of the Black Tree were hidden. They were thought a secret, locked safely away. That was until a sorcerer of great ambition took the remaining seed for himself. 

Now, it has been planted somewhere deep in the frozen Wastes. Its roots threaten to grow deep into the heart of the world and transform it into a realm of pure shadow. Soon, its power will grow and evil will spread throughout the land. When the darkness spreads completely, none shall be able to stand against it.

None save, perhaps, three. 

Lorn is a seasoned warrior who failed in his duties long ago. He has no desire to truly save the world any longer. He is only motivated by revenge. For that is all he has left.

Rayna is a young woman with a rare ability. Soon to take on the position of Healer in her village, she can cure the wounds of others with her own mystical energies. However, Rayna is torn between this task and the desire to pursue something beyond the calling of her people. 

Thomas is a young magician among the monks of Torbed, but his youth has given him limited experience with the outside world. His time to sharpen his skills is soon upon him. Will he be up to the task? 

These three may find that their paths cross, but all lead to an encounter at the edge of the world with the Black Tree.


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