The Black Sun Conspiracy


After their last tangle with eerie physics in the supernatural woodlands of Romania, Nina Gould and Sam Cleave find that their passage home is once more marred by the Order of the Black Sun. With the sudden resurface of their missing colleague, billionaire adventurer Dave Purdue, Sam and Nina are once more running for their lives.

Joining Purdue as fugitives, Sam and Nina are hurled into the sinister world of antique and coveted art pieces, once commissioned by monarchs and painted by masters. Forced on a treasure hunt devised by a seasoned art thief, the three of them find that every step they complete towards obtaining their prize could bring them closer to freedom – or death.

With Nina and Purdue reunited as lovers, Sam finds himself at the beck and call of his own demons as his perpetual obsession with the killer of his late fiancé is rekindled. Will he ever find who is responsible for her death? Could the answer finally present itself?

From the tunnels of ancient cathedrals, the beauty of private galleries, to the holding cells of their enemy they will learn who they can and cannot trust with their lives. Will they be able to make it home safely once they have appeased the Order or will they fall to the evil of its leader?

In the winding streets of picturesque Belgium Sam and Nina will discover that sometimes the only way to escape an all-powerful predator, is to serve it.


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