The Billionaire’s Cure

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Chad LaChance is a hypersuccessful businessman with no time for love. His work ethic has made him rich, but it has also made him ill. He has to make some changes or he won’t be around long enough to enjoy all his money. His mentor sends him to a “resort” in the woods of Maine, where he is supposed to rest and heal, and it is there he meets his health coach.

Heidi Leeman loves her life. She loves her job, her home, and her coworkers. She has no idea there’s room in her life for more until she meets the billionaire. But even then, what could a rich man like that want with a hippie like her? They’re too different, aren’t they?

As they get to know each other, sparks fly. But when Chad’s stalker follows him to the resort, things get complicated fast. Can they sort things out to find their HEA?

This is a stand-alone sweet romance, appropriate for any age.

1 review for The Billionaire’s Cure

  1. Brooke Ehly

    Where total opposites meet and love grows. This book was great and I really enjoyed watching these two. There was quite a bit of confusion and misrepresentation that caused some commotion but they find their way in the end. A perfect read for a relaxing afternoon.
    I was given a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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