The Bike Thief (The Adventures of Jack Cannon: Kid Detective)


Welcome to adventure! This detective series is like none before it. A group of young misfits come together to form an investigative team featuring a wide array of personalities. The group of outcasts features a dreamer, a pessimist, a wannabe magician, and a brilliant scientific mind. Their adventures aren’t just rooted in mystery, they push the bounds of creativity and mystical endeavors, solving complex cases in the most amazing environments.

The Bike Thief shows the inception of our fantastic team. They deal with the challenges of middle school all-the-while keeping close tabs on their ongoing cases. Manipulated test scores at school, disappearing bikes, and the stealing of various electronic devices in the neighborhood drive the young detectives to investigate multiple mysteries simultaneously. But in true Jack Cannon style, the mystery turns into a phenomenal epic finale of wonder and amazement that is certain to thrill and excite listeners. Welcome to the first adventure of Jack Cannon and his misfit team of detectives.


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