The Bespelled Knight


Elodie, Princess of Zelnon, has a mission. More than one to be exact. She has certain things to check off of her list: save the knight, escape Malediction, and overthrow her stepmother Fiona’s rule of her kingdom. One of those alone is daunting, but all three? 

As she travels with Prince Daire, an overzealous bird, and a white tiger with silver stripes, she is forced to make decisions that will affect them all. Each step they take brings a new challenge to overcome. Death becomes a very real possibility and she has to make a decision that alters someone she cares about irrevocably. 

Saving herself is becoming increasingly impossible, and each choice seems to make matters worse. As they travel through the nightmare realm of Malediction, rescuing her knight might be the last thing she’s able to do. Trusting her allies becomes even more difficult and in the end, Malediction might claim them after all.


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