The Beer’s Folded and the Laundry’s Cold Mostly True Adventures in Housewifery

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In The Beer’s Folded and the Laundry’s Cold: Mostly True Adventures in Housewifery, Paige Kellerman takes on budgeting, babies, and trying to keep the day drinking down to a minimum while staying at home.

It’s a story of a woman who worked in an office and then didn’t, instead working on trying to make money stretch like a two dollar pair of panty hose, upping her fashion game to include occasionally wearing pants, and using dull childproof scissors to cut out coupons and wads of gum from her kid’s hair.

Listeners will learn how to:

  • Cry about student loans
  • Accept the futility of cleaning while children are awake
  • Make their spouse feel awkward, using only conversation
  • Dance in the grocery store

This hilarious story is not a “how-to” on being the perfect parent, but rather a tale of one woman running the house like a boss- that is, when she’s not scraping failed Pinterest-inspired experiments out of the crockpot, or inhaling the smell of a laundry sheet like a Snuggle-scented sedative. Housewifery just met its match.


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