The Baby-Eater

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To Alexander, his family on his mother’s side were strangers, the country they lived in just a spot on the map, and their beliefs nothing more than superstitions and folklore.

While accompanying his mother on her trip home after the death of his chronically ill father, however, Alexander is shown a world larger than he could have ever guessed, one both as enriching as it could be deadly.

To keep his family safe, Alexander must risk his life to fight off an undead infant, make alliances with witches, and battle with the most dangerous creature of all – the Baby-Eater.

1 review for The Baby-Eater

  1. Joy Buffington

    This is one of the best books I heard this year, a great horror story and the name says it all. I received this book free but believe it, I would have purchased this one. The author is so good about getting swept into the story. I love reviews that let you know what the story is about but this one was a complete surprise at how a folktale turns into such a wild story. Such great entertainment!

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