The Atlantis Scrolls


In their attempt to seek refuge with the Black Sun’s opposition organization, the Brigade Apostate, Sam and Nina are pressed with the task of locating the missing leader of the Black Sun and delivering her within a designated time frame. If they do not, three of their friends will be executed. The council, upper-level members of the Black Sun, is also seeking the missing leader, Renata, and the members have a good idea that billionaire Dave Purdue might be harboring her since he kidnapped her after defecting from their ranks.

While Sam and Nina are looking for Renata, they team up with Dave Purdue and his sister, Agatha, to assist in locating an ancient journal for Agatha’s clients. But the journal holds more than historical value. Its riddles contain the location of the Atlantis Scrolls, the actual records on which the location of the legendary submerged continent is mentioned. As the four of them progress in finding clues, Agatha learns that her clients are not who they seem and that her brother and his friends are in far more danger than they know. Now Sam and Nina have to uncover the secrets of the Atlantis Scrolls while evading the council and appeasing the Brigade Apostate. Will they be able to save their friends before being detained or killed? Or will they find the lost continent of Atlantis in their pursuit of truth locked in the papyrus of ancient history?


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