The Armchair Detective – Series One

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A chance meeting with a mysterious elderly man….

Who is Old Tom? A sad and lonely fusspot? Or a forgotten figure whose bewildering deductive abilities hint at something more? Does he ever leave his armchair? Why is he only ever seen or heard by engaging local newspaper reporter Trench? And what surprising secret are the Mayflower Court Flats really hiding? 

Come on a challenging yet comfortable investigation. Can you solve the mystery without leaving your armchair…?

1 review for The Armchair Detective – Series One

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Using an old man, and a newspaper reporter to reveal a long kept secret, is a very canny trick. It keeps the reader or listener engaged as the plot unravels.
    Having a number of possible scenarios for the interest in the derelict flats, just muddies the waters, until the true reveal occurs.

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