The Arbiter Project

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The only daughter of United States Senator Adam Lucas is brutally murdered. When her killer is set free by an irreparably broken justice system, it sends the father on a search for answers and retribution and causes him to question the corruption that permeates the government that he is sworn to serve.  

Hans Richter is a scientist working on a covertly funded top-secret military project that could hold the key over death. When a test subject is sent home instead of being cremated, it sets in motion a chain of events that will send Hans on a flight for his life and threaten to unravel the fabric of time itself. 

The two men’s stories seem unrelated, but they are interconnected in ways they cannot begin to fathom. The web of conspiracies and lies is starting to unravel, and it will bring Adam and Hans together to race against time and to discover the truth behind their mysterious connection.  

Observe the beginning of the shadow organization known as The Agency and witness the birth of the first Arbiter. The battle across time to bring justice to the guilty has just begun. Experience the first installment of the epic Arbiters of Justice saga today!

1 review for The Arbiter Project

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Part SciFi (time travel and future tech) and Fantasy (angels and demons), this first book introduces a “future program for Justice.” There is no way to describe the storyline and its multiple subplots, but suffice to say it is intricate, twisty, long, and in the end, worth it. Just keep in mind this is a 9 & 1/2 hour Prequel.

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