The Alien’s Captive


Notorious space traffickers abducted over 300 human women from Earth, but their ship crashed on an unknown planet before they reached their destination at the galactic marketplace. The five factions of Angondra welcomed the women with open arms in the hope of recovering from a plague that wiped out their female population.

Anna Evans and her sister Frieda end up settling with the Avitras faction. But when Frieda disappears, Anna finds herself caught in a dangerous bind between her conscience and loyalty to her chosen faction. When Aquilla, the Avitras Alpha, takes a massive and hard-bodied hostage Menlo from the Ursidrean faction, Anna can no longer support the Avitras she thought were her friends.

The curvy and self-sufficient Anna doesn’t think twice to fight for what she believes in. She’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Can Anna extricate herself in time to find new hope in the shifting sands of politics and revenge? Or will she, too, get sucked into darkness along with the rest of Angondra?


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