The Adventures of Theophilus Thistle

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From the pages of Crescent Moon,

The story beckons once more.

The mysterious book has awakened, slowly revealing its timeless battle between darkness and light. Mathias Engleborn answers that call, again unlocking the secrets to a realm where myth and reality are one. As the story resumes, he is returned to Lunaria, a vast world of profound magic and possibility. Mathias gladly welcomes the next chapter of the Lunarian Chronicles, and the journeys of a little weed from Bunda-Bas, whose valor is without equal. Now a branded traitor and alleged outlaw, it seems that the weight of the world now rests heavily upon such small shoulders. But there is a promise to fulfill at any cost, and these dangers will not deter the adventures of Theophilus Thistle. 

Facing the gravity of his choices, Theophilus sets out from the relative safety of his homeland to rescue Calla, a beautiful flower who holds a tender grip upon his heart. But even the stoutest of bravery will not prepare Theophilus for the trials that await him. Falsely accused by Calla’s people, the little weed will face many struggles as he attempts to stay ahead of those who wish to bring him to justice. Tensions rise as Theophilus presses forward on his quest, determined to see things through to the end. The dangers are great, and he must uncover a treacherous evil before he can rescue the truest friend he has ever known. Soon the little weed discovers his quest is far greater, his enemies far sinister than he could have ever imagined. Yet with the odds heavily stacked against him, Theophilus is determined to prove to Calla and the world that true courage comes in all sizes. 

For he will not rest until things are again made right.

1 review for The Adventures of Theophilus Thistle

  1. Jerry Harkey

    This 2nd book in the Lunarian Chronicles picks up Theophilus Thistle as he tries to save his world as “the little weed that could.” He needs to save his true love, Calla, as well, and he is up against some big, mean, and evil guys. Again, this is YA Fantasy for young readers who can take some dark plot twists, and have the patience to listen for over 14 hours.

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