The 12 Mile Series: Part 1


The population was growing too fast. Death by starvation was more common than murder or accident. Changes had to be made. An initial strategy to decrease the population was used, but the outcry against it was too massive to dismiss. 

Thus, The 12 Mile Course was created.

In present day society, children between the ages of 12 to 16 are chosen randomly and thrown into an environment designed to kill all but the strongest. Those that live through the 12 separate challenges get to rejoin society. Those that don’t…don’t.

The course boasts a 36 percent success rate of a child finishing it alive. Chris, a boy on the cusp of turning 16, is about to find out just how effective the new system is at making sure only the strong survive.

Join Chris as he traverses through hostile territory in a landscape designed to bring about his likely demise. Less than half of those he’s traveling with are going to make it through alive, but if he’s lucky enough, he’ll be able to beat the odds and go home to see his family, leaving everything he has to endure within the course behind.


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