Thank Your Lucky Stars: A novel of World War II Hollywood


After waving her sweetheart Luke off to war, Nell Davenport encounters an unexpected entanglement that will change Hollywood forever.

With combat raging across Europe and the Pacific, jobs of all kinds are now open to women on the home front. Nell sets her sights on the publicity department of the Warner Bros. movie studios as she develops a surprising bond with Humphrey Bogart. But when a captivating 19-year-old is cast opposite Bogie in To Have and Have Not, the newcomer’s arrival will alter the course of Nell’s blossoming friendship.

When momentous news arrives, Nell must track down Luke—a seemingly impossible feat in wartime. Hope appears on the horizon, but did it have to come from Hedda Hopper, the nasty gossip queen intent on ruining Bogie’s reputation? Maybe her best way of finding Luke is to unveil a secret Nell has kept ever since she landed in California. It’s caused only trouble in the past, but finding Luke is her top priority, and the clock of war is ticking.

From the author of the Hollywood’s Garden of Allah novels comes book two in the Hollywood Home Front trilogy—a story set against one of Tinseltown’s greatest true-life love stories.


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