Texas Heat Box Set – Books 1-3


Book 1 – Mending Fences
Marlene is one of the Red O’Connor’s kids and she’s got her dad’s fiery temper. Itching for something bigger, she left the family ranch in Texas and hasn’t been back for a while. Now, for the first time in months, she’s back on vacation where she meets Curtis Copeland who is working as a ranch hand on Circle O. The last thing Marlene wants is any form of relationship, she has a full life already and it’s not on the farm. Curtis has different ideas though; he’s waited ten years to finally have Marlene and fate or destiny delivered her to him. Yet everything seems to be working against them. Marlene’s family is dead set against the relationship and Curtis harbors a ten year old secret that can tear them apart. Whether they will be able to overcome the obstacles to be together is a question neither Marlene nor Curtis can answer.

Book 2 – Galloping Hearts
Moira is back on the family ranch, Circle O, for spring break. Although she’s glad to be home again, she’s slightly depressed. It’s not easy to be in love with someone who doesn’t even know you exist. That changes, however, when the very next day at the ranch, she sees Mitchell and discovers love for the very first time. Trouble is just around the corner, however, when Mitchell loses his mother and a can of worms is opened, threatening the fragile relationship between the two lovers. Will they be able to get through the uncertainty and be together again? Not unless Moira learns how the true meaning of love and what trust is all about.

Book 3: A Place Of Our Own
In love with Maddie from the next ranch, Jim O’Connor has tried everything he knows to get her back. Everything except the one thing that Maddie asks for: a place of their own.
His brother has made it a life mission to make things impossible for Jim and he needs to find a way to get around the unrelenting stance of his brother in order to get the love of his life.
Maddie loves Jim with everything she has, but she’s not willing to compromise on that one point. She wants a place where they can live and grow together without the constant interference of his family. In order to truly be together, they need to learn the value of compromise and how to meet each other half way.


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