Tellan: Brides of the Mylos

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Laurel Chin led an ordinary, comfortable life.

While many might think waitressing wasn’t a great job, Laurel Chin loved it. She enjoyed meeting the customers and working side by side with her family in their small Jamaican-Chinese fusion restaurant on the edge of Birmingham’s Chinatown. Like everyone else, she’d been astounded at first when the aliens appeared, but as they offered friendship and trade, she soon lost most interest in the news about them. If there was anything to worry about, she trusted Prime Minister Simms and Parliament would let the public know. She settled back into her routine of work, Sunday lunch at her mother’s, and hanging out with her sister.

Tellan was honoured to be named Ambassador. 

Tellan knew the Mylos were in need of fresh genetic trade. The humans of Earth were a bit less advanced socially and technologically than their past trade partners, so great care had to be taken when offering treaty terms. If all went smoothly, he’d soon see human institutions of higher learning teaching Mylos science and philosophy and Bride Registry Centres open across the globe. Then the Bride Fleet assigned to Earth would arrive and Tellan could return home for less fraught diplomatic duties.

All was not as it first seemed.

Neither Tellan nor Laurel knew that their governments had already made certain arrangements. Laurel definitely would have been wary of taking social media quizzes had she known what was about to happen. As for Tellan, he was matched and that was that, no matter how much he disapproved of the method used to do so. They had to try to make this work – the fate of both their worlds and a galactic civilisation sat upon their shoulders. It was duty, but if the match was accurate, it was also a fated love.

4 reviews for Tellan: Brides of the Mylos

  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Interesting Story! I enjoyed listening to this story, although I was more caught up in the political aspect of this tale much more than the romance. I must say that I wasn’t surprised by how the world leaders shirked on their promises to the aliens to properly set up Bride Registry Centers. The romance in the story was a bit rushed, and I did like the integrity shown by Tellan. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Tera Comer

    I had a blast listening to this story. Even though there were plenty of political aspects in this book between the Mylos and the planet Earth there was plenty to keep things enjoyable. There were several times that I laughed so loud my husband heard me in another floor of the house. As for the narrator I really enjoyed how she handled all the different characters and accents

  3. Kimberly Howe

    I really liked the storyline and characters!! It has potential for more. I look forward to reading more of the series.

  4. Mia Harper

    I liked Laurel, shes happy with her life working at her family restaraunt, but when she finds herself mated to Tellan, a Mylos ambassador, she’s empathetic with his plight. She finds herself forced into the role of ‘poster girl’ to facilitate future matches, but does her best to use the opportunaty to fairly represent both sides – human and mylos equally. This book was an upbeat romance with a happy ending, it left me feeling good and wanting to read more books by Loretta Johns!

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