Taming His Cowgirl

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When her father’s will leaves control of the family ranch to Ryder Malone, the very same man who once broke her heart, Sierra Morgan is more than a little upset. The last time she saw Ryder, she shot his hat right off his head, earning herself a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom that left her sore yet helplessly, infuriatingly aroused, and she had hoped to never see him again.

Ryder has not gotten over Sierra, and this time, he isn’t going to let her run off without giving him a chance to tell her how he feels, even if that means lassoing her and tying her to a chair.

If she wants to inherit the ranch she loves, Sierra will have to work alongside Ryder for a year and convince him she is ready to run it. Though she plans to spend that year making his life a living hell, when she pushes the stern, handsome cowboy too far she soon ends up over his knee again. But this time, her body’s response to his dominance cannot be ignored, and when Ryder takes her in his arms and claims her thoroughly, Sierra is left in no doubt that she belongs to him.

Sierra is not used to doing as she is told, however, and when she is reckless with her safety, she quickly discovers that Ryder will not hesitate to punish her in ways that leave her cheeks blushing crimson and her bottom sore both inside and out. His stern, shameful correction merely increases her need for him, but once the ranch is finally hers, will she still want him by her side?

3 reviews for Taming His Cowgirl

  1. Christi Fowler

    Title: Taming His Cowgirl
    Author: Delta James
    Format: Audio
    Narrator: Jack Calihan
    Genre: Romance – Second Chance, Small Town, Cowboy, Spanking
    Standalone: Yes
    Part of a Series: Book 1 of Taming His Cowgirl series
    POV: Mostly Sierra and Ryder but some omnipotent narrator without a clearly defined POV
    Steam Level: Hot

    So I know that this story was supposed to be a super sexy second chance romance. However I found it a bit ridiculous. Rather than enjoying the sexiness that Delta James was going for I was giggling at the situations and shenanigans. While, in general, I like spankings (spanking scenes) these bordered on too much force and not enough aftercare. Overall I giggled at this book more than I probably should have which is why it’s four stars rather than lower. I was definitely entertained, just probably not the way the author was intending.

    I received this audiobook from Audiobook Obsessions. This is my hones and voluntary review.

  2. Debra Anne Boulier

    Another great audiobook. Love the story line and characters. JT Farrell was good as well. This is a stand alone but also a continuation of a series.

  3. Monime SIMON

    I purchased this book on audible and overall enjoyed it. The narrator did an excellent job. His Sierra voice was fine, but his Ryder voice was low and sensual!

    First of all, you have to understand that this is not realistic, it’s escapism. If you want realism watch the news. I’m not sure why spanking scenes turn me on but they do. In real life. I would never submit to Ryder’s level of discipline but in a romance novel it’s sexy as hell. The book starts a bit slow but once Ryder and Sierra make up, the book heats up quickly. The book goes from 0 to 100 once you get to the scene where they make up.

    There were some funny (to me) scenes as the narrator described where he comes up with his BS ideas on how to discipline a partner. Again, in real life no. In a novel, YES PLEASE!

    Once Ryder gets her back, he explains that she will be disciplined when she is “naughty” and Sierre accepts. It’s not really clear why such a feisty woman doesn’t protest more, but it’s again this is sexy, hot, fiction. Of course Sierra gets into all kinds of trouble and there is ample opportunity for discipline and for sex.

    I don’t enjoy humiliation scenes and this did not feature prominently in the story. Sierra is made to stand in the corner in private. The author makes sure his love and respect and care for her features prominently in the story.

    I would have enjoyed more of an epilog that sums of their life after the weeding/honeymoon but there is a book 2 which I will be reading next.

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