Tamika’s Reawakening

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Seven years ago, Tamika’s life was shattered when Logan’s parents divorced and his mother dragged him off to Europe against his will. Now he’s back – and even the thought of seeing him again can reduce her to a mindless panic.

She knows she has to face her fears and tell him about the child she miscarried right after he left…but not yet. Not today! She just isn’t ready!

Then, without warning, he appears at the car wash…and everything blows up in her face!

1 review for Tamika’s Reawakening

  1. M Phelps

    This is one a several in a series. It is a quick listen which each of these books focused on a different girl within the sorority and they journey to start a car wash business. This was a great hot listen with a story woven in the journey to love for the main characters. Gavin McAllister does a great job. I am enjoying each of these stories within the series.

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