Tami: Dr. Richards’ Littles 27


Can a lawn cleaning business introduce an innovative Little to her perfect Daddy?

Thinking creatively, animal lover Tami Chamberlin created her own business, Tami’s Canine Poo Service. Cleaning her clients’ lawns of, well, poo, Tami works very hard to earn enough money to support herself. When the three huge, menacing rats, overtake the 26-year old’s apartment, one of her clients inexplicably appears to save her.

Archer Sanders is sure that Tami is Little. He also knows that she’s his. Will she allow him to take care of her?

This novel is a complete story in the series of books featuring Dr. Richards’ patients and their parents. The books in this series will feature invasive medical treatments including thorough examinations and enemas when required as well as diaper changes, bottle feedings, spankings, and other punishments. If you are offended by any of these or by age-play, this is not the audiobook or series for you.


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