Taken as Collateral (Mafia Masters, Book 2)

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I took her because I needed a hostage. I kept her because I wanted her.

Francesca Alessandro was just meant to be collateral, held captive as a warning to her father, but then she tried to fight me. She ended up sore and soaked as I taught her a lesson with my belt and then screaming with every savage climax as I taught her to obey in a much more shameful way.

She’s mine now. Mine to keep. Mine to protect. Mine to use as hard and as often as I please.

Publisher’s Note: Taken as Collateral is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the Mafia Masters series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

4 reviews for Taken as Collateral (Mafia Masters, Book 2)

  1. Cindy Andrews

    So many secrets and lies with lots of twists and turns in this dark mafia romance. I was hoping I would know some of the characters from His as Payment (book 1) but the only name I recognized was Dominick. I’m enjoying this series and looking forward to the next book coming out in audio. Jack Calihan did a good job bringing this story to life.

  2. Jodi Price

    Love Piper Stone! This is a great story! Francesca was only to be taken captive until her father could pay a debt, Francesca fought back. Michael now has other plans for her. Love the characters and story. Jack Calihan does a fantastic job bringing the story and characters to life.

  3. Darc Librarian

    The next Sons of Darkness to fall is Michael Cappalini aka filmstar Kelen Rock. After years of avoiding his obligations as heir, Michael is drawn back into the Mafia world when his father is seriously injured in an assassination attempt.

    In an attempt to find and neutralise the threat he kidnaps Mafia Princess Francesca Alessandro. The chemistry between these two antagonists is off the chart from the start and only became hotter the further I got into the book.

    Michael has no wish to fall in love and spends as much time punishing his captive as lusting over her. But in the end he will have to put his personal demons to rest if he is going to find his place, keep the peace and protect the woman he has come to care deeply for.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this highly addictive dark Mafia Romance with excellent narration as always by Jack.

  4. Jocelyne

    This is the second book in the Mafia Masters Series. This is a dark mafia romance. Francesca and Michael’s story is fast paced and intriguing. Michael is a Dom, commanding, ruthless, and powerful. Francesca, a mafia princess, is sassy and strong. They share an instant attraction, and a sizzling chemistry. They are perfect together. The storyline is suspenseful. The supporting characters are intriguing. Jack Calihan did a great job with the narration.

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