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**Narrator’s note: This is the final book in the Saga of the Nothing Mage. You can find book 2 here, and book 1 here on AU. The Audible listings are here: book 2, book 1
Thanks so much for all the support I’ve received these past several weeks as I’ve been rolling these out! I hope you’ll check out more from the author here (including his LitRPG series narrated by Andrew Tell) and you can find more from me here.**


In Winter, Storm, in Deep, and Dark,

The many threads they’d see,

But in their rage they overstepped,

And then the Courts were three.

Beware, oh love, the nothing mage,

A vengeful man is he,

So if you dare to draw his wrath,

Then nothing ye shall be.

The stars align, the planets shift,

Their walls are split in twain.

Behold, behold, the syzygy,

Now we shall feast again.

The king is dead, and any dreams of conquest have died with him. Now the Teralian army can dedicate their focus towards hunting the man who brought it all about. 

Fugitives for treason, Declan and his friends must slip past the nation’s borders into the treacherous wildlands beyond. Trapped in a world of Faeries and whispers and prophecies, they chart their course for the Seat of the Tempest and for whatever powerful entity demanded his presence. 

The syzygy is coming, and the nothing mage will need every bit of help he can get if he’s to find a way to stop it. Assuming he can even make it there alive.

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  1. Laura Rose

    Book three is an excellent conclusion to the Saga of the Nothing Mage. I enjoyed the series, especially the second and third books. I recommend this series to others. Spencer Dillehay’s narration is great and he keeps the listener’s attention with his performance. I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and I have voluntarily left this review.

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