Sword of a Thousand Suns


Stirred from the ashes of Tesla’s grand experiments in Colorado and the Russian Tunguska event, Sword of a Thousand Suns is the story of a global fight at CERN over the next great discovery of nature’s laws that, like Shiva’s Sword, could be a godly power or planet destroyer.

Physics dropout, Dr. Brad Jorsen, is rocked out of his hermit’s cabin in Crested Butte, Colorado when he saves Dr. Brenda Drake, a prominent physicist from the University of Michigan, in a high-profile hiking accident that kills many top-tier American physicists. A popular religious right-wing organization, in return for political control of the US government, secretly becomes the stiff-arm of an international conspiracy to control the next great power upgrade at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Brenda is assigned as the lead American at CERN, where a new gravity particle with more power ever imagined is being propagated by the Russians-now at the helm, but under scrutiny from the West. Brad follows to Switzerland to protect Brenda and help decipher this new theory, where on top of Russian secrecy, he is met by a well-timed European tour of the leader of the deadly religious cult.



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