Switch the Song

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I was going to ask you if you wanted me to put your poem from camp to music, but you really want to do this with me? What about college?

Brynn Evason never believed she would be faced with this dilemma. Her sensitive musician boyfriend, Tommy, wants her to come on tour with him and collaborate on more music!

Tommy isn’t discomfited by her cerebral palsy. He has proven time and again that he wants to be with her. Brynn loves him for that, and she loves her music even more. It seems like the perfect plan.

Brynn’s family doesn’t approve. They want her to go to college, and they’ve found a university with specific programs for people with disabilities. Brynn doesn’t want to disappoint her parents, but she doesn’t want to lose this magical opportunity. She’s torn between a stable future and a romantic adventure.

Luckily, her closest friends are there to help, advise, and entertain her. When the group goes on a college scouting trip, Brynn begins to realize where she belongs. In this sequel to Dancing Daisies, Brynn has to decide what she truly wants from her life and where her heart is telling her to go.


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